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Ultrasound tests of forgings and metallurgical materials

Ultrasound tests are non-destructive tests, which means that there is no damage or deformation of the tested material or forging. With ultrasound test we can look for internal flaws of forgings, metallurgical materials, welds etc. while by "internal flaws" we understand various cracks, non-homogeneities or other hidden flaws inside the material. Ultrasound test also gives us precise information about the position and size of a possible internal flaw.

This non-destructive ultrasound check of material is in our company carried out by certified specialists through portable instrument Krautkrämer USM 25 which has 2 Mhz and 4 Mhz probes Krautkrämer. We use straight, double and angular probes that enable us to check any forging. Of course we issue a certificate about the test in the required language. The ultrasound instrument is subject to regular calibration and certified setting according to producer´s recommendation.

We carry out ultrasound tests in accordance with ÈSN, EN, ISO, DIN, SEP, SEL, ASME standards, according to customer request, technological process or specific requests from the customer.

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