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Heat treatment of steel

From heat treatment of forgings, steel and metallurgical material we provide annealing and refining of all grades and types of steel - carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel etc.


From types of annealing we provide especially these:

  • normalizing
  • soft annealing
  • isothermal annealing
  • annealing on ferrite-pearlite
  • stress relief annealing
  • and other types of annealing according to customer request

We carry out the steel annealing process with two installed technologies:

  • annealing in car-hearth furnaces
  • annealing in continuous annealing furnace
Basic technical data about car-hearth furnaces
Working space
length 4 500 mm
width 3 300 mm
height 2 771 mm
max. weight of batch 20 t
Basic technical data
about continuous annealing furnace
Working space
length 23 000 mm
width 1 000 mm

Maximum size of annealed material is given by dimensions of working space of the furnaces. All furnaces are computer controlled so we are able to supply every customer with thermal curve of annealing with every batch of heat treatment

Refining (hardening and tempering)

Currently we are using two hardening shops for this type of heat treatment.

Hardening shop I.

First hardening line is for all types of steel, while the regulation of temperature mode of steel treatment is controlled in automatic process.

Basic technical data of the machinery:

Chamber electric furnace AICHELIN
capacity of the furnace (loading) 500 kg
max. temperature 1180°C
max. dimensions of treated material
length 1 600 mm
width 945 mm
height 740 mm
max. weight 500 kg
cooling medium oil, water

Hardening shop II.

In 2008 we built and put into operation a new hardening shop whose most important machinery is bell hardening furnace. This second hardening shop is for steels where the cooling medium is water.

Basic technical data of the machinery:

Bell gas-fired furnace
capacity of the furnace (loading) 20 000 kg
max. temperature 1 000 °C
max. dimensions of treated material
length 2 500 mm
width 2 500 mm
height 2 500 mm
max. weight 5 000 kg
cooling medium voda

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