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Production capacity, heat treatment, machining, tests

Production capacity of forge TRIANGOLO spol. s r.o. are given by technologies we use. In this regard we offer drop forgings, rolled-out rings, forged shafts and hammer forgings. We also provide heat treatment of steel and metallurgical material, machining and ultrasound tests.

  • Forgings, rings, shafts

    • Drop forgings in rotary shapes - rings, flanges etc.
    • Seamless rolled-out rings - smooth-surfaced rings, shaped rings, flanges etc.
    • Hammer forgings - strips, shafts, rings, wheels, perforated wheels, connecting rods, draw bars, spindles, cubes, etc.
  • Heat treatment of forgings and steels

    • With manufactured forgings we provide complete heat treatment - annealing and refining in our hardening shops. We are also able to heat treat steels, material or products provided by the customer
  • Roughing and machining of the forgings

    • To our customers we offer and provide rouging of forgings or machining to finished size of the product using our production capacities or in cooperation with tested and approved suppliers
  • Ultrasound tests of forgings and metallurgical materials

    • Our product range also includes ultrasound tests of forgings and metallurgical material according to the most widely used standards, e.g. ╚SN, EN, ISO, DIN. Of course we are able to provide these tests with accordance to any standard according to the customer request.

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