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Material used in the forge

Forge TRIANGOLO spol. s r.o. uses a wide range of materials of various grades of steel for manufacture of the forgings. The priority in this field is customer request and the company is prepared - to the maximum extent and according to its capability - to provide entry semi-products not only according to standards usually used (e.g. »SN, EN, DIN, ISO etc.) but also according to individual specifications and customer requirements about adjusting chemical composition. The steel is bought direct from the producers which enables us quick and straightforward feedback.

Basic groups of materials are:

  • structural steels
  • carbon steels
  • steels for manufacturing of bearing
  • alloy steels
  • tool steels

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of forgings by close cooperation with suppliers and to quickly solve problems and issues connected with quality, chemical composition and price of entry materials and steel.

In connection with this we can say that our company has been actively involved in development of specific qualities of material for the needs of bearing manufacturers.

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