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Certificates of TRIANGOLO forge

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Since 1998 the company has regularly been tested according to ISO standards and it has a certificate of quality TV Management Service. We also have a certificate of technical qualification for supplies for D, a.s.


Certification point TV SD Management Service GmbH verifies that company TRIANGOLO spol. s r.o., Wolkerova 845, 768 24 Huln has implemented and uses a system of quality management in the field of

Purchasing, manufacturing and selling of products and services in the field of forging. Consultancy in the field of forging. Manufacturing of seamless rolled rings.

Audit report no. 70007468 proved that the requirements of

ISO 9001: 2008 were fulfilled.

This certificate is valid until 2015-06-21
Registration number of the certificate 12 100 9741 TMS

CERTIFICATE of technical qualification of D supplier

Certification point esk drhy, a.s.
grants a certificate of technical qualification of supplier no. 311

issued for TRIANGOLO spol. s r.o., Wolkerova 845, 768 24 Huln

The supplier proved to be qualified to manufacture for D, a.s. and its subsidiary

1. Manufacturing and supplying of hammer-forged products, drop forgings and roll-out rings including their roughing and heat treatment according to valid documentation supplied by the customer.
2. Manufacturing and supplying of forged rail vehicles axles, roughing and heat treatment of forged rail vehicles axles after forging or after roughing according to documentation TP_TRI 01/2010.

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