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About us

TRIANGOLO spol. s r.o. is a member of concern, whose members are companies ANACOT CAPITAL a.s. (reg. no: 268 40 529), V-NASS, a.s. (reg. no: 253 66 599), Norasota a.s. (reg. no: 294 46 848), ELFE, s.r.o. (reg.no: 479 73 293), NEW ELFE, s.r.o. (reg. no: 047 64 978) and TRIANGOLO INVEST s.r.o. (reg. no: 058 20 383).


The forge was built and put into operation in 1955 as a part of national corporation ZPS Hulín. At that time it was used mainly for manufacturing of free forgings for engineering and military production.

In 1969 the forgery became a part of national corporation TOS Hulín and in 1994 it was privatized by TRIANGOLO spol. s r.o.

Nowadays the forge spreads over 30 000 m2, from which the workshops occupy 7 000 m2 and warehouses 2 800 m2.

The main production is forgings for engineering industry - shafts, strips, spindles, solid wheels, perforated wheels and manufacturing of seamless rings. According to technologies used we make drop forgings in rotary shapes, free forgings and seamless roll-out rings.

Apart from production of forgings we also provide

  • annealing
  • refining
  • roughing
  • ultrasound tests

TRIANGOLO spol. s r.o. is a company that places great emphasis on constant development. This is especially clear from implemented investments over the last two years - building of new roughing shop, building of new hardening shop with furnace capacity 20 t, and we have put into operation a new technology of continuous annealing.

Next year we will put into operation new radially-axial rolling-out machine type RAW 100/125 from SMS Meer company which will extend the possibilities of the production of rolled-out rings - we will be able to roll rings with diameter of up to 2500 mm, height of 400 m and weight of up to 1000 kg.

The success of the company and its financial health is, among others, proved by the fact that several of the mentioned project were implemented with help of grants from European Union operational programmes with cooperation with MPO.

Since 1998 the company has regularly been certified according to ISO standards and it has a quality certificate TÜV Management Service

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